Life for me is swirly like water in a river, has ups and downs like mountains. I have bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and dependent personality disorder, so thanks a bunch life. Anyway, I'm doing pretty well now after years of hard times. I've sort of come back to the light, hence the "tolo dan nan galad", from LotR.

Ask me anything if you for some reason want to

I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be.
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Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.

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Made Unicorn Poop Cookies today on Nerdy Nummies! ♥

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Flix magazine 2-2009

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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My sister-in-law has finally gone into labour! I’ll have a new nephew today :) Yay!

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I don’t have OCD. I don’t have any symptoms of OCD that I know of. But… and this is going to sound silly: the volume on my laptop has to be set on even fives. (5,10,15…) If it’s not, it bothers the heck out of me, and I have no clue why. If I know it’s not set right, it bugs me until I fix it. I’ve tried. Annoying, very annoying.

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